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Husse, delivering human grade, GMO free pet food since 1987.

 Husse evolution since 1987 


Husse was founded in Sweden in 1987. Today, Husse sells and markets a wide range of premium quality dog and cat food, cat litter and various accessories throughout the whole world. We deliver the products with Husse vans directly to your door with no extra charge.

Husse only uses, the best human grade & GMO ingredients to produce super premium quality food for dogs and cats.

Husse dog and cat food products are:

  • Made with super premium quality ingredients,
  • 100 % natural and organic
  • Enriched with natural anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals
  • Balanced to meet the energy and nutrient requirements of your dog and cat 

A testimony of the quality of our products and the production process is the number of loyal and satisfied customers Husse has all over the world. Visit our web shop to get an insight on the food ingredients, additives, energy value and digestibility.

We invite you to browse through all the other pages in order to understand our concept about pet food and business philosophy.

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Exclusive Urinary: 15.43 lb

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